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Passport picture by sophiacscardeal featuring satchel handbagsTopshop blue dress / Mango white shirt, $22 / Topshop white shirt / Topshop top / Topshop high waisted jeans / Topshop high waisted jeans, $62 / Mini shorts / Topshop flat shoes / ASOS flat shoes / H&M ankle boots, $26 / Givenchy flat / Yves Saint Laurent duffle bag / Zara bag / Mulberry leather handbag / Mulberry satchel handbag / ASOS ring
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Untitled #13658 by florencia95 featuring a zip topH M zipper dress, $21 / Givenchy zip top, $2,000 / Burberry gold wrist watch / Forever 21 twisted band ring / Mink Pink BLACK eyewear, $47
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Boohoo Rosemary Contrast Panel Midi Dress   ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more calf length dresses)
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K-Fashion on We Heart It.
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$15.33 ~
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Harajuku Sweets Sweater from Fashion Store!! || Enter “ojouu" at checkout for a special discount!!
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Sweet Daisies Bows


Got these two lovely pairs of Liz Lisa shoes a few months ago♥ Now I have them in three colors! :D They’re definitely my favourite shoes - cute, but not childish and quite comfy, too.

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Twitter / yuzucky01: スクフェスことりちゃんの衣装ではコレが好き http://t …
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There’s A Lake Where You Can Swim With Jellyfish That Won’t Sting You



There is a magical lake in the Rock Islands of Palau where you can swim with the jellyfish worry-free.


The lake became a tourist attraction and people can go swimming and snorkeling with them.


The jellyfish lost their stingers over the years because they don’t need them to fight off predators.


Learn more about the land of friendly, magical jellyfish.

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